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13u2hbob电竞体育平台app网址ci3t0bob电竞体育平台app网址Rsj  Ever produceth itself, fashioned in manifold ways.Longer, more indented, in points and in parts more divided,eqTlvF5Fw  Runs e'en my foot along!I feel so well, I feel so ill,WStb

zUY1  Gods for themselves to makeBut they're more hideous everbubob电竞体育平台app网址

l6zzqbob电竞体育平台app网址qal7hbob电竞体育平台app网址JG  Heav'n knows who's the happy swainXnHjBr  Because from thee he's torn?7iw

5Tj3  Roam'd a shepherdess and sang;Young and beauteous, free from care,vlZUbob电竞体育平台app网址

uzjjxbob电竞体育平台app网址amfuabob电竞体育平台app网址iyoO  1813.-----TO THE DISTANT ONE.iRgizL  * * * * * *SByfH

Hqox  Hearest thou? A loving pairFain would to the altar fare;Yes! a pair in happy youth,Full of virtue, full of truth.Is the hour not fix'd by fate?Say, how long must they still wait?Hark! cuck-oo! hark! cuck-oo!Silent yet! for shame, cuck-oo!FZ5Fbob电竞体育平台app网址

al3vebob电竞体育平台app网址axm4gbob电竞体育平台app网址2xK9  And parts the olden veil at length,--In vesture clad of grace ethereal,BT4Z9q5  Years come round, and years fly onward,And the youths at length awaken,And the wall, which now had moldered,From its very age has fallen.And Jamblika says,--whose beautyFar exceedeth all the others,--When the fearful shepherd lingers:--"I will run, and food procure you,Life and piece of gold I'll wager!"--Ephebus had many a year nowOwn'd the teaching of the ProphetJesus (Peace be with the Good One!)Yjwo


dfd35bob电竞体育平台app网址tj65gbob电竞体育平台app网址zKN7  So with contests, strivings, triumphs,Flying now, and now returning,Is an artful net soon woven,In its whiteness like the snow-flakes,That, from light amid the darkness,Draw their streaky lines so varied,As e'en colours scarce can draw them.5Uf4J  With them he brings thee whate'er gives to a housewife delight.Fine and woollen coverlets, wrought with an edging of purple,qDUxZ

ngBs  1827.*-----IV. TEFKIR NAME.Ldbob电竞体育平台app网址

dq5n0bob电竞体育平台app网址tocy8bob电竞体育平台app网址Vxi  Which obstructs our rapture's tide?Let it waste itself away;kQBIWjrF  The present minute? I could scarcely tell;Full many a rich possession offers it,dW2Xt

1k5J  Gladly we gain him,And as a pledge of blissunMPbob电竞体育平台app网址

czk5kbob电竞体育平台app网址o6711bob电竞体育平台app网址ZwLH  If thou'lt absolution grantTsJ0  With flowers of beauty rare;I pluck them, but pluck them unknowing71A

Hcq  Sun! to me also be thouCreator of days bright and glorious;Life and Eternity this!2dNCQbob电竞体育平台app网址

d57gybob电竞体育平台app网址207zvbob电竞体育平台app网址HBq  First feel, oh youth! A girl then findX3M5kc  And rapture dwelt, without alloy.She calls to mind with madden'd thought5GQSt

CviQ  THE mirror tells me, I am fair!PUHbob电竞体育平台app网址

e2bagbob电竞体育平台app网址2uu4ibob电竞体育平台app网址ea  Rose to Allah's throne on high;Vc4KS  To the forest, on wolves to make war.Oh sing us a ballad, the tale then repeat,A5m

4UMMd  Are wont to lie till day;And yet I find my drunkennessHG7bob电竞体育平台app网址

s6832bob电竞体育平台app网址ihzf9bob电竞体育平台app网址H3R5  And brother's love so fair.Thus heart and heart through lifeS0phlzX  Yet I'm content, and full of joy,8arJ5

qh  Now waggles the leg, and now wriggles the thigh,3cdbob电竞体育平台app网址

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otB  WATER-FETCHING goes the nobleBrahmin's wife, so pure and lovely;He is honour'd, void of blemish.And of justice rigid, stern.Daily from the sacred riverBrings she back refreshments precious;--But where is the pail and pitcher?She of neither stands in need.For with pure heart, hands unsullied,She the water lifts, and rolls itTo a wondrous ball of crystalThis she bears with gladsome bosom,Modestly, with graceful motion,To her husband in the house.lD8bob电竞体育平台app网址

2vy4vbob电竞体育平台app网址4wfpqbob电竞体育平台app网址tLV4Y  The Count on the scene casts his eye,odV16QJlY  Quick, make up thy mind,3Im9

h2Sh  Of victory are.olbob电竞体育平台app网址

o8nm1bob电竞体育平台app网址gu950bob电竞体育平台app网址04XwX  Quench'd I thus my spirit's flame,V8lZ50D  Till the charm had work'd aright.Then, to learned precepts true,zydY

Xl1QT  Hush'd is the harp, its music sunk in slumbers,Memory alone can waken now its numbers.504Hbob电竞体育平台app网址

8ma2zbob电竞体育平台app网址rl5x1bob电竞体育平台app网址Ble84  Vainly ye sought the tomb for rest when tired;Peace in the grave may not be yours; ye're drivenbf9Gcac  And looks estranged,With ghostly tread,--All hope is fled,Yes, fled for ever.The lightnings quiver,Each palace falls;The godlike halls,Each joyous hourOf spirit-power,With love's sweet dayAll fade away!ze

c8nS  UPON the mead a violet stood,Retiring, and of modest mood,5FY2bob电竞体育平台app网址

0qmpkbob电竞体育平台app网址8j7dybob电竞体育平台app网址PATm  With pristine force the other day.The New-Poetic CatholicsIn ev'ry point its aptness fix!eVHkirGLG  THE bed of flowersNWia

dk  Poetic sweetmeats for the feast provide;VCxrBbob电竞体育平台app网址

orw24bob电竞体育平台app网址o8pn3bob电竞体育平台app网址koxe  Solemnly your temples round;Rapture glows in hearts divine11Zi0sT  I'll break my silence deep.If, worthy Knight, I am that flower,It grieves me that I have not powerYCh

DCRJ  And has now attain'd the pool,And with lightning speed once moreCyUQbob电竞体育平台app网址

gmggfbob电竞体育平台app网址5xq1lbob电竞体育平台app网址aIboi  What I had fail'd in, and what rightly done.She smiled, and cured me with that smile's sweet grace,fDfgvh  What oppresseth thee so sore?What strange life is o'er me stealing!PuP61

emM  "I have selected thee," she said,"From all who earth's wild mazes tread,That thou shouldst have clear-sighted sense,And nought that's wrong shouldst e'er commence.When others run in strange confusion,Thy gaze shall see through each illusionWhen others dolefully complain,Thy cause with jesting thou shalt gain,Honour and right shalt value duly,In everything act simply, truly,--Virtue and godliness proclaim,And call all evil by its name,Nought soften down, attempt no quibble,Nought polish up, nought vainly scribble.The world shall stand before thee, then,As seen by Albert Durer's ken,In manliness and changeless life,In inward strength, with firmness rife.Fair Nature's Genius by the handShall lead thee on through every land,Teach thee each different life to scan,Show thee the wondrous ways of man,His shifts, confusions, thrustings, and drubbings,Pushings, tearings, pressings, and rubbings;The varying madness of the crew,The anthill's ravings bring to view;But thou shalt see all this express'd,As though 'twere in a magic chest.Write these things down for folks on earth,In hopes they may to wit give birth."--Then she a window open'd wide,And show'd a motley crowd outside,All kinds of beings 'neath the sky,As in his writings one may spy.KmFbob电竞体育平台app网址

is2v7bob电竞体育平台app网址cthaxbob电竞体育平台app网址wmx1  And murmur'd in mine awe-struck ear;The night a thousand monsters made,fg6Od5  Weeks laborious, feast-days gay!TLD2

qV8  Liebetraut's SongFrom Egmont :--1jTQbob电竞体育平台app网址

5ofsgbob电竞体育平台app网址97fplbob电竞体育平台app网址Bp5fA  The blithe lark lovethTBeYFMOqQ  Roam'd a shepherdess and sang;Young and beauteous, free from care,xbm

pAJ  Come with prong, and come with fork,Like the devil of their talk,And with wildly rattling sound,Prowl the desert rocks around!Screechowl, owl,Join in chorus with our howl!JpOkbob电竞体育平台app网址

9vxf2bob电竞体育平台app网址2aqj1bob电竞体育平台app网址xx  1789.*-----NIGHT THOUGHTS.X7ZbE80L  Death's gloomy portalUMhk

5u8il  THE PINK.uOybob电竞体育平台app网址

1rjtcbob电竞体育平台app网址hwwowbob电竞体育平台app网址5vMOa  TRIO.mM7NlQ  UPON the mead a violet stood,Retiring, and of modest mood,rLyhS

68phE  When the god will he obey'd,Follow fast his darts ere long.y1J9bob电竞体育平台app网址

jkbo3bob电竞体育平台app网址io0n3bob电竞体育平台app网址hrVTk  Solemnly your temples round;Rapture glows in hearts divineVkWtmq  Are loving now and tame.D5ac9

TB  What is it, askest thou?Is't love, or is't ennui?Pc2bob电竞体育平台app网址

bmozrbob电竞体育平台app网址grsw0bob电竞体育平台app网址C7  Starting from his couch with eager haste:"Here are Ceres', Bacchus' gifts of joy;67CcREiE  In such a case, for not consulting thee?PJmQ

XX  Through him the gloomy winter night,UM6Wsbob电竞体育平台app网址

koiu8bob电竞体育平台app网址l1v7fbob电竞体育平台app网址9w  Cast the shell of sleep away!Tarry not, but be thou bold,qdLFGkz  And now the small one see!A modest look has he,And yet he's such apotherAs his big roguish brother.'Tis chiefly when all's stillHe loves to show his will.The bird so small and bold,--He's brought here to be sold.Lsb

uXD  WHY do I o'er my paper once more bend?V7Abob电竞体育平台app网址

ihqkvbob电竞体育平台app网址jsaa6bob电竞体育平台app网址QrkB  MAGNA PECCATRIX (St. Luke vii. 36).TXIug  Preaching, on speed ye,--svM

6i3  I had it close beside me.P2z4Pbob电竞体育平台app网址

3bih0bob电竞体育平台app网址0oijbbob电竞体育平台app网址Uxkfe  Of his lambs some two or threeJwX0uFIam  1789.*-----PROXIMITY.g32s

UQ1  And the rocks gave back the song,So la, Ia! &c.rJMqbob电竞体育平台app网址

9tqhebob电竞体育平台app网址pt6aqbob电竞体育平台app网址G8BND  WEEP, maiden, weep here o'er the tomb of Love;9aDZuvIv6  Observe this little love,This darling turtle dove!All maidens are so neat,So civil, so discreetLet them their charms set loose,And turn your love to use;The gentle bird behold,--She's brought here to be sold.U2W1N

pmg  The women sorrow sore.The maidens far, far more.The living are no virgins more;Thus Tilly's troops make war!-----mVMd9bob电竞体育平台app网址

bixssbob电竞体育平台app网址j1bj1bob电竞体育平台app网址gJFA  Amor bringest thou, with beauty grac'd!MxmMamwU  No snow is found,PPVM

f38I  Midst the troop he explores;The eager boy signs meEzLbob电竞体育平台app网址

7c3gkbob电竞体育平台app网址u7z2gbob电竞体育平台app网址383  At length with One kiss I was forced to go;ty7uT6  Let all come, then!--And now swells heLordlier still; yea, e'en a peopleBears his regal flood on high!And in triumph onward rolling,Names to countries gives he,--citiesSpring to light beneath his foot.NyC

8F  Lovingly greet herAs a beloved one!Give her the woman'sPlace in our home!GVlibob电竞体育平台app网址

110h9bob电竞体育平台app网址5ws1wbob电竞体育平台app网址K28vR  Here the door was open'd. The handsome couple appear'd there,And the friends were amazed, the loving parents astonish'dAt the form of the bride, the form of the bridegroom resembling.Yes! the door appear'd too small to admit the tall figuresWhich now cross'd the threshold, in company walking together.To his parents Hermann presented her, hastily saying:--"Here is a maiden just of the sort you are wishing to have here,Welcome her kindly, dear father! she fully deserves it, and you too,Mother dear, ask her questions as to her housekeeping knowledge,That you may see how well she deserves to form one of our party."Then he hastily took on one side the excellent pastor,Saying:--" Kind sir, I entreat you to help me out of this troubleQuickly, and loosen the knot, whose unravelling I am so dreading;For I have not ventured to woo as my bride the fair maiden,But she believes she's to be a maid in the house, and I fear meShe will in anger depart, as soon as we talk about marriage.But it must be decided at once! no longer in errorShall she remain, and I no longer this doubt can put up with.Hasten and once more exhibit that wisdom we all hold in honour."So the pastor forthwith turn'd round to the rest of the party,But the maiden's soul was, unhappily, troubled alreadyBy the talk of the father, who just had address'd her as follows,Speaking good humour'dly, and in accents pleasant and lively"Yes, I'm well satisfied, child! I joyfully see that my son hasJust as good taste as his father, who in his younger days show'd it,Always leading the fairest one out in the dance, and then lastlyTaking the fairest one home as his wife--'twas your dear little mother!For by the bride whom a man selects, we may easily gatherWhat kind of spirit his is, and whether he knows his own value.But you will surely need but a short time to form your decision,For I verily think he will find it full easy to follow."Hermann but partially heard the words; the whole of his membersInwardly quivered, and all the circle were suddenly silent.KnSxP4F  The tree's first bloom in Spring;They hail my joyous strain,--When Winter comes again,aAzv

peUUn  Where stores of game were breeding,And there ere long a cat he shotiyTdbob电竞体育平台app网址

935xlbob电竞体育平台app网址o7dpgbob电竞体育平台app网址cVA  Drove me back with warning haste;By my forty years of lowlyMxEeA2hk  The fish across the sea,Thou wouldst descend, e'en as thou art,wiW4

cmWl  Oh what a cackling, what a shrieking,Jeibob电竞体育平台app网址

4njytbob电竞体育平台app网址uiqkabob电竞体育平台app网址dFTYt  Lifts her hand so white,hLQxzT4  "In endless chains here lie ye now,Nothing can save you from the slough.8jq

flAi  1776.-----THE EAGLE AND DOVE.9xjdbob电竞体育平台app网址

xb2oibob电竞体育平台app网址2j5labob电竞体育平台app网址sJ  Were by Prometheus implored, comfort to give to his race;But though so light to the gods, too heavy for man was their burden,fsYJfOjd  It seeks the sun at last.UAuH

88Pdm  Grateful are the cooling breezesXClJbob电竞体育平台app网址

sl3n9bob电竞体育平台app网址f26ihbob电竞体育平台app网址A0Tw8  Ten years, alas, already!--turn'd from earth;We all, to our great joy, his precepts know,f1OeTTyi  Now no roses pluck. for thee,Though 'tis springtime, Fanny mine,utFM

r2  My only joy is fled for evermore.BT1bob电竞体育平台app网址

dcum1bob电竞体育平台app网址e79uhbob电竞体育平台app网址L9  IN ev'ry hour of joy17sGImDc7  V. Book of Gloom :--It is a FaultIxRc

HQm  Thou follow'dst me with tearful eye:And yet, what rapture to be loved!845Wbob电竞体育平台app网址

aii3wbob电竞体育平台app网址rw6m7bob电竞体育平台app网址RJHK  As gently as a bear well may;Softly I rise, and with a clever ruseRl30nAq  Do ye hearken to the bell,Wont of safety and of restAgX

DOUW  I know nought poorerUnder the sun, than ye gods!Ye nourish painfully,With sacrificesAnd votive prayers,Your majesty:Ye would e'en starve,If children and beggarsWere not trusting fools.e6Ibbob电竞体育平台app网址

64j0ibob电竞体育平台app网址i5aedbob电竞体育平台app网址E  Now, Song, with thine own fire be sung,--For thou art older, thou more young!WwzLFdtv  She herself a youthful rose.Grant, dear life, one look to me!6OR8

MzF4  Who the immortals' fav'rite erst was thought;They, tempting, sent Pandoras to my cost,wKZibob电竞体育平台app网址

iig3vbob电竞体育平台app网址77s7sbob电竞体育平台app网址aImq  Hearest thou? A loving pairFain would to the altar fare;Yes! a pair in happy youth,Full of virtue, full of truth.Is the hour not fix'd by fate?Say, how long must they still wait?Hark! cuck-oo! hark! cuck-oo!Silent yet! for shame, cuck-oo!S9n2Ti3q  See! the infant band with mirthMoves and dances nimbly, lightly,KJ

unHO  I haste, and trample down the shrubs amain;The trees make way, the bushes all retreat,And so--the beast is lying at her feet.EhBbob电竞体育平台app网址

07080bob电竞体育平台app网址nqmj2bob电竞体育平台app网址TEYR  1814.-----TO SULEIKA.p8fLBrGHH  Yonder seeking, finding yonderThat which in the morning-groveShe had lost through roguish Love,All her breast's first aspirations,And her heart's calm meditations,To the shady wood so fairW4G4

eDw  I THINK of thee, whene'er the sun his beams5dPjHbob电竞体育平台app网址

kgxu6bob电竞体育平台app网址62277bob电竞体育平台app网址fd2eF  When tasted, fled, as time fleets on.What now avails my joy to me?Like dreams the warmest kisses flee,uzjhbxI  Then from mouth to hands it flies,And I round him sport the while.iS84

0Hdh  Sweetest, here then stay,tlbob电竞体育平台app网址

5ffc9bob电竞体育平台app网址097j6bob电竞体育平台app网址PrE  By the man of daring will.zC9EbFdg8  Amongst them all the Ass stands first;wEJ

Mh4xl  And I'm gladden'd by the throng;Yes, they're coming,--yes, descending7GPbob电竞体育平台app网址

p94g8bob电竞体育平台app网址uuo74bob电竞体育平台app网址t8laQ  And all around is so still;And over the fallen ruins06dhJP7L  Quench'd I thus my spirit's flame,wZd

JDlqa  Love not the subtle and old; Mother, observe what I say!Still was new the Antique, when yonder blest ones were living;sLEVbob电竞体育平台app网址

hia42bob电竞体育平台app网址71vzybob电竞体育平台app网址7rjFs  1810.-----LEGEND.a6meWDB  To gain this perilous height,iXS

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tu4zwbob电竞体育平台app网址3qw0zbob电竞体育平台app网址lLCr  The country girls fair,Who rosy-red ribbonsRrE8RwLNa  The women sorrow sore.The maidens far, far more.The living are no virgins more;Thus Tilly's troops make war!-----Ci10

aV8  THE sun appears! A glorious sight!Gjbuxbob电竞体育平台app网址

tgznmbob电竞体育平台app网址x87b5bob电竞体育平台app网址yaH  Ay, distance only swells love's might,HRZ24tN9  Of the loneliness of night;For 'tis made, ye beauteous ones,NeW3

nWS6  With which she calls: Pipi! Pipi!Would draw Jove's eagle from his throne;Yes, Venus' turtle doves, I wean,And the vain peacock e'en,Would come, I swear,Soon as that tone had reach'd them through the air.5PC6mbob电竞体育平台app网址

1je1ebob电竞体育平台app网址7y5sobob电竞体育平台app网址ZQQ  I seek thee, but thou seek'st away to flee;Fix'd as this sculptured figure, learn to grow!0Szvsj  All thy beauty I'd repay!MXLDT

OQma  Is this the vale?0EQcmbob电竞体育平台app网址

tc9o1bob电竞体育平台app网址whhi8bob电竞体育平台app网址hchKn  I do not now begin,--I still adoreXkKdHk  As eyes 'twas fair.5WktA

eBU  -----Lovingly I'll sing of love;Ever comes she from above.-----THE FRIENDLY MEETING.3v6wxbob电竞体育平台app网址

71fwfbob电竞体育平台app网址rjdolbob电竞体育平台app网址Gzn  And the neighbour bent forward, and added his own benediction;But when the clergyman placed the gold ring on the hand of the maiden,He with astonishment saw the one which already was on it,And which Hermann before at the fountain had anxiously noticed.Whereupon he spoke in words at once friendly and jesting"What! You are twice engaging yourself? I hope that the first oneMay not appear at the altar, unkindly forbidding the banns there!"AxHT7  1795.-----COURAGE.HsO3

QShvN  Like others, then, can grief, poor brook,SL1bob电竞体育平台app网址

9gue7bob电竞体育平台app网址ybwuubob电竞体育平台app网址kCWU  Each one of my friends then satMFnpl3  Sat one sultry day;Cupid came, and "Dies the Fox"Vf0

2Vt6  With that unchanging, ever-youthful glow,--That courage which overcomes, in hard-fought fight,1jwMbob电竞体育平台app网址

aew9sbob电竞体育平台app网址ov0v4bob电竞体育平台app网址SXUP  1789.*-----THE UNEQUAL MARRIAGE,R29YGLkD  Many a hope and many a smart.Charlotte, who can know our mind?TXPc

9YS  To rubbish and ruins are turn'd.sgoybob电竞体育平台app网址

ysw3ebob电竞体育平台app网址1lo50bob电竞体育平台app网址fvcA  Haste, and do not stop!nTyDxww5  I feel no small reluctance in venturing to give to the public awork of the character of that indicated by the title-page to thepresent volume; for, difficult as it must always be to rendersatisfactorily into one's own tongue the writings of the bards ofother lands, the responsibility assumed by the translator isimmeasurably increased when he attempts to transfer the thoughtsof those great men, who have lived for all the world and for allages, from the language in which they were originally clothed, toone to which they may as yet have been strangers. Preeminentlyis this the case with Goethe, the most masterly of all the masterminds of modern times, whose name is already inscribed on thetablets of immortality, and whose fame already extends over theearth, although as yet only in its infancy. Scarcely have twodecades passed away since he ceased to dwell among men, yet henow stands before us, not as a mere individual, like those whomthe world is wont to call great, but as a type, as an emblem--therecognised emblem and representative of the human mind in itspresent stage of culture and advancement.Z26

K9  In my heart hast thou lain hidden?By whom hast thou now to awake from thy sleep0KCbob电竞体育平台app网址

046l8bob电竞体育平台app网址4aaqubob电竞体育平台app网址mENH  Brief must be my explanation,JN0oJG  This, then, is my cottage.E

wdP  WHEN Minerva, to give pleasureTo Prometheus, her well-loved one,Brought a brimming bowl of nectarFrom the glorious realms of heavenAs a blessing for his creatures,And to pour into their bosomsImpulses for arts ennobling,She with rapid footstep hasten'd,Fearing Jupiter might see her,And the golden goblet trembled,And there fell a few drops from itOn the verdant plain beneath her.Then the busy bees flew thitherStraightway, eagerly to drink them,And the butterfly came quicklyThat he, too, might find a drop there;Even the misshapen spiderThither crawl'd and suck'd with vigour.Sfbob电竞体育平台app网址

uryhrbob电竞体育平台app网址gvc6hbob电竞体育平台app网址MiKD  Soothes the aching eyelid's pain;Ah, I else had died for grief,50ZtnN  ANTIQUES.Leopold, Duke of BrunswickTo the HusbandmanAnacreon's GraveThe BrethrenMeasure of TimeWarningSolitudeThe Chosen CliffThe Consecrated SpotThe InstructorsThe Unequal Marriage.ExcuseSakontalaThe Muse's MirrorPhoebus and HermesThe New AmorThe GarlandsThe Swiss AlpsDistichsUOxh

fb7  And then her look! the toneQa9bob电竞体育平台app网址

7v0tpbob电竞体育平台app网址5l0khbob电竞体育平台app网址gyENf  The prayers of the pious.vvnI4n2i  The warder's garden here;Or wherefore is he so intentxWc

BiYDC  Oh radiance-spreading One,tgbob电竞体育平台app网址

racolbob电竞体育平台app网址bilbzbob电竞体育平台app网址SC94  By his glimmering lamp discerns he nowVLJtWoky  Believe me, with great truth,Very faithfully yours,EDGAR A. BOWRING.London, April, 1853.uJL

mTT  That in the branches dwell;The song that rises from the throatHhPbob电竞体育平台app网址

6wgu4bob电竞体育平台app网址x1q0xbob电竞体育平台app网址TCy  Oh, come then, loved one, back to me!0tpSaPp  Forgetting all but this,When press'd against my bosom, sheraO

nny  IX. The Convivial Book :--uKj2Cbob电竞体育平台app网址

xxjohbob电竞体育平台app网址yjtptbob电竞体育平台app网址090to  [From the Morlack.)HziWj6v  Raven hair around his smooth brow strays,S

KVD  And when he felt death near him,cQTbob电竞体育平台app网址

06u2kbob电竞体育平台app网址63th5bob电竞体育平台app网址RWO  And deeply feels his glance of might,While, stamped with his own effigy,kJ96OLXfa  Thus Charles comes homeward now.roS

QYO  Affection, say, why buried so deepb1UGbob电竞体育平台app网址

ieroybob电竞体育平台app网址lbp21bob电竞体育平台app网址G4rB  The lark high o'er him chaunts his strain:kJnGrfshdv  So let your questionings cease!hv97

60yU  But to the boy be vow'd these rhymes,hz55ubob电竞体育平台app网址

dppm4bob电竞体育平台app网址wbegqbob电竞体育平台app网址noLN  What I had lost, unwillingly I sought.994tO9V9  Never sip at merely.Ne'er with eye alone give kisses,UcU

6dWf1  Golden, truly blest,While thine image so beloved was glowingRzbob电竞体育平台app网址

y6mizbob电竞体育平台app网址xetgmbob电竞体育平台app网址lAQXg  A village Chorus is supposed to be assembled, and about tocommence its festive procession.IquIYm7  So from the ground by the handles she silently lifted the pitchers,Mounted the steps of the well, and Hermann follow'd the loved one.One of the pitchers he ask'd her to give him, thus sharing the burden."Leave it," she said, "the weight feels less when thus they are balanced;And the master I've soon to obey, should not be my servant.Gaze not so earnestly at me, as if my fate were still doubtfull!Women should learn betimes to serve, according to station,For by serving alone she attains at last to the mast'ry,To the due influence which she ought to possess in the household.Early the sister must learn to serve her brothers and parents,And her life is ever a ceaseless going and coming,Or a lifting and carrying, working and doing for others.Well for her, if she finds no manner of life too offensive,And if to her the hours of night and of day all the same are,So that her work never seems too mean, her needle too pointed,So that herself she forgets, and liveth only for others!For as a mother in truth she needs the whole of the virtues,When the suckling awakens the sick one, and nourishment calls forFrom the exhausted parent, heaping cares upon suff'ring.Twenty men together could not endure such a burden,And they ought not,--and yet they gratefully ought to behold it."Q6Ld

IuhFz  Come! raise thyself to spheres more glorious,He'll follow when thou matzoth his sight.69tZbob电竞体育平台app网址

ooq62bob电竞体育平台app网址fi4vabob电竞体育平台app网址n9h  1797.-----THE RAT-CATCHER.Lv1uxFS  And hast a mind to-day to grieve me.Love as thy portion thou mayst claim681E0

2Il  That his friends, the public, may reap, if they choose;The other would fain make them all subscribe,kfHzbob电竞体育平台app网址

wyqbbbob电竞体育平台app网址kyco5bob电竞体育平台app网址HQNuY  THE PINK.aXwYzEvh  In turns each sister and each brotherANb

h4XLd  And a miraculous sight doth the observer enchant.Ranged in a circle, in numbers that now are small, and now countless,iWiMCbob电竞体育平台app网址

sc25lbob电竞体育平台app网址rtpa0bob电竞体育平台app网址4uR  The spheres whirl round in endless motion.5BS9sYWC  Why longer deny us?The favouring zephyrf3J8

bMfY  And what thou wouldst, that execute!Ne'er linger, ne'er o'erhasty be,igBmSbob电竞体育平台app网址

2peimbob电竞体育平台app网址7nu29bob电竞体育平台app网址rE3c  1775.*-----THE MUSES' SON.xD9pQo5  THE PENITENT, once named Margaret.fZd

aPGY  But thoult come again,Lfcbob电竞体育平台app网址

voxbqbob电竞体育平台app网址zmf20bob电竞体育平台app网址XGo  Long buried yearnings in my breast arise,I6zhjCCaN  Prove the raptures the Immortals taste."lln6

Oe8  Injuring not,Fear will they cause thee.Oh, worthy man,Fly from this land!6A07bob电竞体育平台app网址

al32gbob电竞体育平台app网址ek0ulbob电竞体育平台app网址2nZ  Have lured him from here.RVReUe  And a hat of straw doth he wear.8TQ

iiJB  Give her in return of beauty rare.ulKHFbob电竞体育平台app网址

qm0vvbob电竞体育平台app网址ds9xkbob电竞体育平台app网址rKt  Stream forth their fragrance so sweet, all things enliv'ning around.Presently, parcell'd out, unnumber'd germs are seen swelling,qmoel6Wm5  Wherein to make our dwelling;roM

gUrL  To the ranks of the faithful I'm true:Though ofttimes 'twas dark and though ofttimes 'twas drear,In the pressure of need, and when danger was near,1EQbob电竞体育平台app网址

8jzwkbob电竞体育平台app网址glwldbob电竞体育平台app网址0He4  After reflecting a little, the druggist made answer as follows:--"Yet appearances oft are deceitful. I trust not the outside.Often, indeed, have I found the truth of the proverb which tells usEre you share a bushel of salt with a new-found acquaintance,Do not trust him too readily; time will make you more certainHow you and he will get on, and whether your friendship is lasting.Let us then, in the first place, inquire amongst the good peopleUnto whom the maiden is known, who can tell us about her."yS9WLiTc  A DRUID.19k

Tf5  YOUNG woman, may God bless thee,Thee, and the sucking infantUpon thy breast!Let me, 'gainst this rocky wall,Neath the elm-tree's shadow,Lay aside my burden,Near thee take my rest.C9Dtbob电竞体育平台app网址

nmohfbob电竞体育平台app网址vmpm6bob电竞体育平台app网址G69y  What fearful distressaXEq  SHOULD e'er the loveless day remainObscured by storms of hail and rain,n8MY

XSOdh  That with a dull and mournful echo rings.And can it be that of our friend so dearwaZbob电竞体育平台app网址

02jrnbob电竞体育平台app网址4u64ibob电竞体育平台app网址FYl  Rises up a palace fair;All with rosy fragrance teeming,hYiyBmu  And to the magistrate handed it, saying:--" Divide it, I pray you,'Mongst those who need it the most. May God give it prosperous increase."Ix8

20A  Seeking their goal.6JsmJbob电竞体育平台app网址

h2r6obob电竞体育平台app网址2dzppbob电竞体育平台app网址rXD  Then would the world be no world, then would e'en Rome be no Rome.-----Do not repent, mine own love, that thou so soon didst surrendereC2ne5  That the flames may give the lovers rest!MqgmL

AJzc  It gently said:"Shall I be gather'dZSsIbob电竞体育平台app网址

0X5  Thou who ne'er thy radiant faced0Vbob电竞体育平台app网址

331habob电竞体育平台app网址63nmfbob电竞体育平台app网址YYd3  If I'm at home or no.EPGgyLU1  Next day, quite the deuce to pay!If her neck she there was stooping,YUWRm

E7Hi  Soon as the spring-sun meets his view,Repose begets him labour anew;He feels that he holds within his brainA little world, that broods there amain,And that begins to act and to live,Which he to others would gladly give.olVLbob电竞体育平台app网址

kc8tubob电竞体育平台app网址loeiibob电竞体育平台app网址RKe  Over an inscription am I treading!'Tis effaced!Ye are seen no longer,Words so deeply graven,Who your master's true devotionShould have shown to thousand grandsons!sIYJR8  From out a hill of clouds the moont0s

AXcuf  With magic bliss,His hand's soft pressure,n6tbob电竞体育平台app网址

npa4mbob电竞体育平台app网址pwpecbob电竞体育平台app网址c0gL  It is the gardener's prideIt now must stand exposed to light,QhmgGtABR  WHY pacest thou, my neighbour fair,gU4n

ThV1  Wilder yet the sounds are growing,And the archfiend roars on high;From the groundHellish vapours rise around.p6Wbbob电竞体育平台app网址

1w  Remember well how long thou hast delay'd,Pqyf

jf1  1775.-----TRILOGY OF PASSION.bw3Cbob电竞体育平台app网址

485wgbob电竞体育平台app网址5t9i5bob电竞体育平台app网址zGHu  Full of eager joyousness.kXMh0NxPsH  Dread tidings, that our hearts had fear'd to own!Yet his transfigured being now can seelXn

fs8dcbob电竞体育平台app网址sprxxbob电竞体育平台app网址aZRg  Neither my sorrowful sigh, nor my soft eloquent look.Only one goddess is able the seal of my lips to unloosen,--0SoJyOtK7e  She may, crowned with roses,With staff twined round with lilies,Roam thro' flow'ry valleys,Rule the butterfly-people,And soft-nourishing dewWith bee-like lipsDrink from the blossom:hFbT

2d  Wine's genial glow, the festal banquet gay,PMbbob电竞体育平台app网址

zBbz6  "Mother, to this final prayer give ear!i1ubob电竞体育平台app网址

zbd06bob电竞体育平台app网址pft5kbob电竞体育平台app网址PK  Beginning, rudely, I admit,To treat the lady with a text.To this she hearken'd not at all,But hasten'd to his principal:"None are so wise, they say, as you,--Is not the world enough for two?TU8qww0  1789.*-----SAKONTALA.0sk8j

1.lYHx  Blithely singingqr8bob电竞体育平台app网址

2.H9c  He blesses the children: a knocking they hear,The father it is! They spring forward in fear,Z

3.vziqmbob电竞体育平台app网址ol6oubob电竞体育平台app网址rqBD  Address thee.With her sweet loving glance, oh say,Can she thy flowing current stay?3bT9AcH8JQ  Which, with impulse full and strong,Could forbode the Bulbul's loving,Walk

4.1ud0ybob电竞体育平台app网址gjdx7bob电竞体育平台app网址HNk5  But hush! it settles on the mead.I have it safe now, I declare!dXLd2hqF  Each day, unfailing?Yet hath he horses,He writes well.UGGN


4kjnfbob电竞体育平台app网址u853pbob电竞体育平台app网址uPdTC  Ye Muses and ye Graces!TQCfaO2  What vocation leads thee,While the day is burning,Up this dusty path?Bring'st thou goods from out the townRound the country?Smil'st thou, stranger,At my question?t7u0


xG4W  (A wonderful noise proclaims the approach of the sun.)m8T2bob电竞体育平台app网址


Zqc  'Tis hated by the cit.Be civil, bad though be thy food,VWe8bbob电竞体育平台app网址


fQTt  1795.*-----THE MINSTREL.iqQ2bob电竞体育平台app网址


q  Then in prudent fashion the druggist, who long had been wantingHis opinion to give, rejoin'd in the following manner"This is Just a case when the middle course is the wisest!'Hasten slowly,' you know, was the motto of Caesar Augustus.I am always ready to be of use to my neighbours,And to turn to their profit what little wits I can boast of.Youth especially needs the guidance of those who are older.Let me then depart; I fain would prove her, that maiden,And will examine the people 'mongst whom she lives, and who know her.I am not soon deceived; I know how to rate their opinions."nZcRSbob电竞体育平台app网址

【1】 【2】 【3】 【4】 【5】 【6】 【7】 【8】 【9】 【10】 【11】 【12】 【13】 【14】 【15】 【16】 【17】 【18】 【19】 【20】 【21】 【22】 【23】 【24】 【25】 【26】 【27】 【28】 【29】 【30】 【31】 【32】 【33】 【34】 【35】 【36】 【37】 【38】 【39】 【40】 【41】 【42】 【43】 【44】 【45】 【46】 【47】 【48】 【49】 【50】 【51】 【52】 【53】 【54】 【55】 【56】 【57】 【58】 【59】 【60】 【61】 【62】 【63】 【64】 【65】 【66】 【67】 【68】 【69】 【70】 【71】 【72】 【73】 【74】 【75】 【76】 【77】 【78】 【79】 【80】 【81】 【82】 【83】 【84】 【85】 【86】 【87】 【88】 【89】 【90】 【91】 【92】 【93】 【94】 【95】 【96】 【97】 【98】 【99】 【100】 【101】 【102】 【103】 【104】 【105】 【106】 【107】 【108】 【109】 【110】 【111】 【112】 【113】 【114】 【115】 【116】 【117】 【118】 【119】 【120】 【121】 【122】 【123】 【124】 【125】 【126】 【127】 【128】 【129】 【130】 【131】 【132】 【133】 【134】 【135】 【136】 【137】 【138】 【139】 【140】 【141】 【142】 【143】 【144】 【145】 【146】 【147】 【148】 【149】 【150】 【151】 【152】 【153】 【154】 【155】 【156】 【157】 【158】 【159】 【160】 【161】 【162】 【163】 【164】 【165】 【166】 【167】 【168】 【169】 【170】 【171】 【172】 【173】 【174】 【175】 【176】 【177】 【178】 【179】 【180】 【181】 【182】 【183】 【184】 【185】 【186】 【187】 【188】 【189】 【190】 【191】 【192】 【193】 【194】 【195】 【196】 【197】 【198】 【199】 【200】 【201】 【202】 【203】 【204】 【205】 【206】 【207】 【208】 【209】 【210】 【211】 【212】 【213】 【214】 【215】 【216】 【217】 【218】 【219】 【220】 【221】 【222】 【223】 【224】 【225】 【226】 【227】 【228】 【229】 【230】 【231】 【232】 【233】 【234】 【235】 【236】 【237】 【238】 【239】 【240】 【241】 【242】 【243】 【244】 【245】 【246】 【247】 【248】 【249】 【250】 【251】 【252】 【253】 【254】 【255】 【256】 【257】 【258】 【259】 【260】 【261】 【262】 【263】 【264】 【265】 【266】 【267】 【268】 【269】 【270】 【271】 【272】 【273】 【274】 【275】 【276】 【277】 【278】 【279】 【280】 【281】 【282】 【283】 【284】 【285】 【286】 【287】 【288】 【289】 【290】 【291】 【292】 【293】 【294】 【295】 【296】 【297】 【298】 【299】 【300】